LG G4 H811 Dead Boot Unbrick Firmware Download

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How To Find Dead Boot LG G4 H811

If We are try to Flashing Wrong Firmware Flash file in LG G4 H811 mast be Brick or Dead. Then its Possible in Jtag Device Recovery. If we have a G4 Unbrick Firmware and Tools Then We Recovery Dead boot LG G4 very Easily . LG H811 Dead in No power / no Light / No Vibrate and no any Sound The This Dead is Dead or Brick. But we need Fast Cheek in This Device in Brick or Damage . If we find in Brick device then We Just Unbrick Dead boot Recovery Firmware in LG G4 . How to Find Dead Brick Bord LG h811 . Its Easy To find now we just Connect Phone in PC-Laptop in Press ( Volume Down & UP ) Connect Cable but no Power Come Device.. We Cheek Computer Device Manage in Port Section in Show . LG G4 H811 USB Com Port . The Confirm it Dead or Brick Device .

Firmware and Tools Required: 

1. Card Reader+C101 USB Cable
2. A SD Card – 32 GB or 64 GB.
3. SD Card Formatter SDFormatterv4.zip
4. Win32DiskImager Win32DiskImager-0.9.5-install
5. Original KDZ Firmware H81120o_00_0613.kdz
6. SystemImage Bin File H81120o singleimage

Steps to Unbrick:

1. Insert your memory card in Card Reader and Format it using Windows Format. While formatting “uncheck Quick Format” and Change Type to “exFat”. You can alternatively use SD Card Formatter but make sure that the card is in exFat format.
2. Once format is completed, install Win32DiskImager and open it. Add SystemImage.bin file. If it does not show the bin file just rename SystemImage.bin to SystemImage.img and then select it. Select your memory card and Click Write.

(You can alternatively change the file types on the win32diskimage from .img to all types)

3. One the Write Completes. Eject Card and insert in your LG G4 H811. Press Volume Up Button while connecting the USB Cable.

4. There you go, it will open the download mode. Now Open LGUP Tool as admin. It will show the device as connected. Select the Original KDZ Firmware and Click Start. it will complete and your Mobile will reboot.

5. Now its Done. Enjoy!